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Life Coaching Testimonials

"Transitions are never easy, and the older you get the more daunting they can be. Fortunately, I found Catharine to help me. From our first conversation on, I knew I was in good hands. Her grace, humor and deep insight guided me through challenging discussions and exercises that ultimately provided the framework I needed to move forward." - MP; Washington, DC

"Since passing the bar in 2001, I had thoughts of changing careers. Not seeing the law as creative enough I was always seeking change. By 2015, I caught a glimpse of my future if I stayed the course and knew it was time for a change. Hiring Catharine as my life coach was just what the doctor ordered. Through her coaching techniques, I was able to come to grips with where I was currently in life, let go of self-doubt, change my "stinkin' thinkin'" and embrace my future with open arms. Through our weekly calls, she reminded me of what I had identified as most important to me and the steps I needed to take in order to achieve my goals and ultimately my life's purpose. I highly recommend Catharine whether you feel stuck, in need of a transition or just need to talk through things with an independent caring/loving neutral party who is great at what she does." - ED; Washington, DC

"Catharine's coaching helped me stay focused on what was most important allowing me to make better decisions during my career transition." - LMG; Washington, D.C.

"Catharine helped me through a difficult transition: retirement, moving to a new city, the aftermath of a divorce. She gave me confidence that I could deal with all these issues, as well as specific tools for doing so. I recommend her wholeheartedly." -Karen P; Ann Arbor, Michigan

"You did a great job in your session about looking at change as an opportunity, and not something to dread or fear." -Michele K. Kouadio; U.S Department of Agriculture, Foreign Agricultural Service, Office of Trade Programs

"Catharine Ecton and her life coaching skills came just as I was foresaw the end of my job--and realized this was the perfect opportunity to consider a mid-life career change. First, Catharine tasked me with asking friends for five qualities that describe me at my best. This was the beginning of becoming not only much more open to how others see me but also to having a better view of my assets and capabilities. The resultant increased self confidence and self awareness fueled my search for a new job, giving me a much greater ability to go outside my comfort zone, especially during job interviews. Midway through my work with Catharine, in part thanks to my job ending, my focus changed from considering a new career to considering a move to a new city. At the same time we began to talk about the value of grit and vulnerability. Catharine supported me throughout, continuing to help me understand my skills, helping me realize I not only have a greater skill set than I realized, but that my personality is a big part of what makes me attractive to potential employers. I began a great deal of networking in a new city with significantly more confidence than previously, and soon was invited to apply for a position at a major university. The resultant job offer led to a new stage in my life: not a new career, but work in the same field with a far greater understanding of my skills and abilities, and a new life in a city that is a terrific match for my personality and way of life." -PL; DC

"Sometimes you have all the tools you need to solve a problem, stand up to a challenge, or take the correct fork in the road. But for whatever reason you can't get the tools out of the box. In my case Catharine helped me to open the box, sort out the tools and then pick up the appropriate one and get to work. She made it a painless and enriching experience. 'When the student is ready the teacher appears.' " -Sheila; Bethesda, MD

"Catharine is an extraordinary woman and late-life sports competitor, who is fearless in her goal-setting and admirable in her grit, so she manages to coach beautifully while also role-modeling the resilience and courage needed to make hard choices that accompany necessary change." -Caroline Miller; author, certified professional coach, motivational speaker; Bethesda, Maryland

"Catharine's curiosity is contagious which led me to be more curious about my subject, giving me the courage to peel away another layer to discover the possibilities of my life." -Peggy; Washington, D.C.

"Catharine is a wonderful coach to work with. You really get the feeling she is on your side and wants you to succeed in all your trials and tribulations. She is kind spirited which helps as she coaches you when dealing with tough issues such as I had. Catharine helped me see myself in such a positive way." -Terri; Pennsylvania

"Catharine has a wonderful way of pulling out of me things that I had not been in touch with before. She can hear words that I say, and also the ones that I am not saying! She has a great sense of intuition, which has been helpful to me in our sessions. I have learned so much more about myself and my values with her help and guidance. It has made a difference in the way I think about taking brave steps towards my future." -Linda; Carlisle, Pennsylvania

"Catharine gives her big loving heart and talent as a coach and makes no concessions. She is powerful yet gentle. Catharine sees the inner beauty and passion of her clients like burning embers. If Catharine is your coach, she will turn those embers into bright guiding stars that lead toward living life to its fullest." -Leonid; Washington, D.C.

"It is with you that I have felt most comfortable. I guess it was because I truly felt you respected me for my guts to start a new career at this stage of my life." -Liz; Baltimore, Maryland


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