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Questions for the Coach

Do you coach in person or over the phone?

Most of my coaching is on the phone. I am happy to meet with any of clients who live in the Washington, D.C. area.

How long do you usually coach a client?

There no set time limit. On average twice a month for six to twelve months. The length of time is determined by the client's ability to make changes and gain insights that lead to commitments and learning.

Do you coach friends and acquaintances?

I design a coaching relationship with a client that is entirely separate from a social relationship. Confidentiality, trust and boundaries are established to support our coaching work.

How will coaching help me?

I challenge clients to discover what they want to do and how they want to be. This is not therapy or counseling. We work on what the client wants to change in their life and do not focus on how they got there. The client does not need "fixing." I believe my clients know what works best for them. Coaching creates the opportunity to verbalize and examine where one is in life and where one wants to be. A professional coach uses talents, techniques, skills and tools to support the client in discovering insights and making the right changes that will resonate and be fulfilling.

Do you accept insurance?

Catharine Ecton Life Coaching does not accept insurance.


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