New Year

Life Coaching for the New Year: The Power of Cozy

In my Washington, DC Life Coaching, I find that many of my clients have created a life that’s stuck in stone, a calendar full of shoulds, people pleasing, self-doubt and fears that are obeyed instead of challenged. Busy people often feel they are...
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The Life Coach Says: My Top 25 Ways to Open Yourself to New Possibilities

I often look at interesting architecture, like the building pictured, and wonder how the architect came up with such new innovative ideas. How can we free ourselves up from what’s been done in the past and begin to see what’s possible? My...
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Reader Question: How to “Become More Creative”

This life coaching blog post was prompted by an insightful reader question last month: “I noticed that one of your suggestions is to be creative. This raises the question for me, what would this look like for me? I wonder how many people get ‘stuck’...
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