Life Coaching for Women

Life Coaching for Single Moms: Erica’s Story

[huge_it_share]As a single Mom, you may feel like a tight-rope walker without a safety net. Loneliness and feelings of overwhelm are common, as are fears and worries about “doing enough” to raise your children alone. Working with a Life Coach...
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Life Coaching Case Study: Mom Goes Back to School

Putting on masks, taking off masks, deciding who you want to be and how you want to be is part of discovering your identity. As life changes, staying true to yourself during professional and personal transitions can be challenging. The changes from...
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Life Coaching: Moving A Family & Children

More than 35 years of moving around the world with my family and children led me to become a life transitions coach. Today I am based in Washington, DC where many families are on the move and in transition quite often. There are many kinds of life...
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