Invite More Playfulness into Your Life

Often, when my ambitious Washington, DC life coaching clients come to me with their “big goals” and aspirations, I ask them: “Where are you finding your creativity?” This is often met with blank stares. My hardworking clients...
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Life Coaching for Motivation: How I Got My “Zip” Back

As a Life Coach, I’m endlessly fascinated by the topic of motivation. It seems to be at the core of so many of our struggles as human beings. You might be surprised to learn that I too struggle with motivation! I had begun to feel my early morning...
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Life Coaching to Make the Most of Springtime’s Energy

Spring is green, new, alive. The childhood stage of the seasons. As nature wakes from its winter slumber and you observe the first pale green leaves unfolding, you might feel a renewed energy to tackle your to-do list, or start a new project. As a Washington,...
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