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DC Life Coach Challenge Winner: Congratulations Pam!

Next week fall starts in DC. With it, for my life coaching clients often comes a sense of new beginnings and unmatched possibility. Children go back to school, big kids go off to college and the federal fiscal year comes to a close. As a DC life coach,...
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How to Take a REAL Vacation: Replenish Yourself Challenge

This month, I am on holiday! Over the years, I have learned to take time off so I can serve my clients better. During this time away, I will reset, refresh and tap even more deeply into my own personal creativity. Let’s have a “replenish yourself”...
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Life Coaching for Authenticity

As a life coach, I often find the greatest lessons are right in front of me. It has been my privilege to watch with love and fascination over the past eighteen years as my twin granddaughters, pictured here, have grown and developed into strong, independent...
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On Climbing Life’s “2nd Mountain”

Life coaching case studies: three women in their 50s Catharine Ecton helped to climb life's "second mountain." Learn how life coaching with the DC Life Coach could help you.
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How to Make Your Own Luck

I am a great believer in luck. The harder I work, the more of it I seem to have.” – Coleman Cox, 1922 When it comes to achieving success in business, relationships, our personal health or family life, luck has this amazing ability to show up after all...
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New Year’s Reset: What Really Matters in Life

This photo is of six of our seven grandchildren on a first ever family ski trip over the holiday break. Each one took to the snow as a grand adventure! They appreciated the beauty of the mountains, they loved the challenge of learning a new sport, they...
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